Welcome to the Paper Authoring Tool (PAT)

Transforming the craft of writing papers in behavioural and health sciences

Ensure scientific papers contain all the required information, expressed clearly and consistently, linked together and structured in a way that maximises usefulness.

Create papers with Wizards

There are wizards to create each part of the paper. They are linked so that information in one part of the paper informs prompts in related parts.

RCTs and pilot and feasibility studies

The current version supports reporting of randomised controlled trials and pilot and feasibility studies.

Integration with domain-specific ontologies

Allows users to enter labels from the Ontology Lookup Service.

Export machine readable versions of papers

Makes all the key information in papers available in machine-readable form to allow automated search and evidence synthesis tools to use the data minimising the need for expensive and time-consuming human coders.

Export drafts of papers as word files

The export can be previewed and exported for further editing before submission to a journal.

Create your author profile for reuse across papers

Create a re-usable author profile, including declarations of competing interest, linked to ORCID, that can be re-used in multiple papers.

Interested in helping grow PAT?

Get in touch if you would like to discuss getting involved with the project or partnering with us to add more ontologies.